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Approved by

the Scientific and Technical

the Council of State service of intellectual property and  innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic

from December 5, 2014 year no. 13



by order of the State

service intellectual

property and innovation

under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic

from December 5, 2014 No. 180


reference archiving paperwork

Kyrgyzpatent documentation

This Order regulates the sequence of records management archiving documentation in the public service of intellectual property and innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzpatent) and sets requirements for structural units of the State intellectual property service and innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic for optimum organization of their interaction when depositing, accounting, etc. documentation above (hereinafter referred to as the order).

Chapter i. General provisions

1. List of abbreviations:

Kyrgyzpatent-State service of intellectual property and innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic;

Law of the Kyrgyz Republic law "on the National Archive Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic";

Typical instruction-Typical instruction on records management in the Kyrgyz Republic approved by resolution of the Government of the KR dated July 23, 2012 year no. 517;

Archive-Archive Of Kyrgyzpatent;

CENTRAL-central State archive of the Kyrgyz Republic archival service at the State registration service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic;

The rules are the main rules of the archives organizations, soiled by the decision of scientific-methodological Council of the OCTOBER REVOLUTION from August 18, 2009 year, no. 3;

ÈPMK-expert verification methodic Commission OCTOBER;

EK-permanent expert Commission of Kyrgyzpatent on examination value of documents, selecting and preparing to transfer to State custody of the documents.

II. transfer of units in documents archive

Funds archive

2. the archive includes:

-Fund of normative legal acts;

Fund administrative and financial documents;

Fund documents on intellectual property objects.

Normative legal acts of the Fund include:

-interdepartmental agreements;

Interministerial normative legal acts;

-normative legal acts registered in the Ministry of Justice (regulations, rules, etc.);

-the normative legal acts of Kyrgyzpatent internal use (regulations, rules, orders, instructions, recommendations, regulations about structural subdivisions, etc.);

-normative legal acts in the field of science, technology and intellectual property that are no longer valid.

Fund administrative and financial documents include:

correspondence of Kyrgyzpatent with various organizations, agencies, etc.;

-human resources documents: orders, personal files, personal cards, employment records of employees, etc.;

-financial documents: statements, reports, receipts, invoices, etc.;

-documents of the Trade Union Committee;

-documents of the collegial bodies of Kyrgyzpatent (working groups, STC, the College, the Board of appeal, etc.).

Fund documents on intellectual property objects includes:

-material applications for inventions;

-material applications for utility models;

-materials of industrial design applications;

-material applications for trademarks, service marks and appellations of origin of goods;

-materials and applications for brand names;

-applications for materials selection achievements;

-material applications for traditional knowledge;

materials declarations and accompanying documents on rationalization proposals;

-material applications for copyright;

-material applications for objects of related rights;

-material applications for the registration of license contracts for the use of intellectual property;

-materials and applications for registration of assignment agreements of security documents on industrial property objects.

Depending on the length of storage case funds (except for the cases of material applications for titles of protection for intellectual property) are subdivided into:

-Permanent storage;

-temporary (up to 10 years);

-temporary (over 10 years), including documents on personnel, not earlier than three years after the records management personnel.

Preparation of nomenclature of cases

3. Nomenclature of cases is a systematic list of titles of cases used in business organization, with an indication of their storage room furnished in the prescribed manner.

Nomenclature of cases is prepared for reasonable documentation distribution and formation of affairs, ensure the retrieval of documents and records.

The nomenclature of the Affairs of Kyrgyzpatent shall be drawn up on the basis of the provisions of the public service of intellectual property and innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, regulations about structural subdivisions, staffing, model or departmental lists, items and the inventory of cases in past years.

Classification marks (sections and subsections) nomenclature are names of departments, which are in accordance with the staffing table and each of them is assigned conditional digital designations-indexes.

Each case included in the nomenclature of cases has an index. The index is an index of structural unit and the ordinal number of the case within the subdivision.

Nomenclature of cases compiled by Archivist on Form and-1 in accordance with paragraph 62 Model instructions, approved EK, agreed with ÈPMK and approved by the head of Kyrgyzpatent.

The original item is stored in the archives of the cases as a reference document. One copy is used as a working instance of the Archivist, and the other is passed in OCTOBER.

For further transfer of cases in archive extract relevant sections of nomenclature are dealt structural subdivisions of Kyrgyzpatent.

Nomenclature of cases peresostavlâetsâ and renegotiated in case of changes in the functions and structure of Kyrgyzpatent. Every year it clarifies alleged leader of Kyrgyzpatent and will enter into force on 1 January of the following year.

During the year in the approved range of Affairs made information about institution of cases, the inclusion of new cases, etc. at the end of the year it made a summary of categories and the number of registered cases.

Preparation of cases earmarked for transfer to the archive

4. cases intended for transfer to the archive, subject to building and design.

The formation of the grouping of documents in accordance with the nomenclature of cases.

In the case filed documents which by their contents correspond to the title of the item is prohibited at this group in case the drafts and documents are Doublets.

When forming Affairs complied with the following requirements:

-permanent and temporary storage of documents grouped in individual cases;

-in case the documents are grouped in a single calendar year, except for moving cases (requests for objects of intellectual property), personal files, which are generated during the entire period of the person in Kyrgyzpatent.

Each case must not contain more than 250 sheets with a thickness of no more than (4 cm). If a document is more, they are divided into volumes.

5. inside the case documents shall be located so that they are consistently covered the content of certain questions. When the documents are arranged chronologically (by date, incoming-outgoing revenue-by dates of departure).

Core orders (production) activities and personnel are molded separately, grouped in chronological order.

Documents of the collegial bodies of Kyrgyzpatent (working groups, NTS, College, etc.) are grouped in one case (protocols and decisions, documents for meetings, agenda, help, opinions, draft decisions, etc.).

Protocols are in the live chronologically and numerically. Documents for meetings organized by numbers of minutes of meetings.

Correspondence is grouped in cases for the period of the calendar year. In the case of correspondence are placed all the documents arising in the course of resolving the issue. Correspondence is organized in chronological order: document-response is placed behind the document request. Correspondence with Government and parent organizations are maintained separately, and optionally grouped around specific issues.

Plans, reports, budgets, staffing tables are grouped separately from these documents and projects are formed in case of the year to which or for which they are, regardless of the dates of compilation and approval.

Documents in personal matters are in as they arrive:

-internal list of documents;

-application for employment;

direction or presentation;

-personal reports on staff,

-the autobiography;

-documents on education;


-Executive summary;

-extracts of orders on appointment, move, dismissals, etc;

-addition to the personal sheet;

-addition to a personal case for accounting incentives.

Copies of orders to impose punishments on promotions, name change, etc., in connection with the issuance of these recordings in addition to personal files on staff, personal fit.

Suggestions, statements and complaints of citizens formed separately. In these cases the documents are arranged in chronological or alphabetical order.

6. in accordance with paragraph 67 Model instructions depending on the retention periods are carried out making full or partial cases.

Full registration are subject to ongoing cases, temporary (over 10 years) storage and personnel records. Full registration of the case includes:

-the numbering of sheets in case;

-drawing up internal documents inventory in accordance with annex regulations (form A2);

-drawing up of assurance caption of the case in accordance with paragraph 69 Model instructions (form-A3);

-Binder and binding;

-make the necessary clarification in case cover details (clarification of structural unit names, index and title clerical affairs, dates, case, etc.) the case of a temporary (up to 10 years) storage shall be partial clearance, whereby:

-It is allowed to store in the folders;

-Systematization not held documents in the case;

-lists of cases are not numbered;

- there are no inscriptions.

Documents constituting the case, filed in a folder with the possibility of free text reading of all documents, dates of visas and resolutions on them. In the preparation of cases for the binder metal fasteners (Staples, paper clips) from the documents are removed.

In order to safeguard and consolidate the ordering of documents included in the case, all his sheets are numbered in the top right-hand corner, text documents, not black graphic pencil.

If you have photos, drawings and other illustrative documents numbering is done on the reverse side in the upper left-hand corner.

Folded sheet expands and is numbered in the top right-hand corner. When the sheet of any format, official watermarked at one edge, numbered as a single sheet; folded sheet and official watermarked in the Middle and shall be numbered as a single sheet.

Hemmed in the case of envelopes with attachments are numbered, while initially numbered envelope, and then another number each attachment in an envelope.

Hemmed in the case of documents with their own numbering of sheets (including publications) may be numbered in a general way or save your own numbering, if it corresponds to the ordinal location in the sheets.

In case of detection of a large number of errors in the numbering of sheets of the case in proceedings before their renumbering. When renumbering of sheets of old rooms ticks one slash and next put new sheet number.

7. internal inventory is prepared for recording documents in the prescribed form and contains information about the sequence numbers of the documents of the case, their codes, dates, titles and private business, in which sheets is every document.

Internal inventory shall be signed by its originator, together with an indication of the date of signature and decryption inventorying.

When you change the composition of the documents of the case (the exemption include documents, replacing them with copies, etc.), these changes are reflected in the "Note" and, if necessary, be drawn up new final record.

8. in accordance with paragraph 71 of the model instructions, things must have cover under A4 form, which indicates.

-full name of Kyrgyzpatent:

-the name of the structural units;

-# of the case;

-No volume;

-the title of the case;

-the date of the case;

-number of sheets in the case;

-shelf life;

-the archive code.

If you change the name of the structural unit during the period covered by the case, on the cover of the case is filled by the new name of the structural unit, while the former is in parentheses.

The headline on the cover of the case is transferred from the item cases. Where necessary, in the title of the case made for more information and clarification (filled rooms orders, minutes, etc.).

Date on the cover of the case should correspond to the year of the establishment and the end of the case.

If the deal includes documents (e.g., applications, etc.), the date coincides with the date of which is not the case, then the date with the new stitch is done about this entry: "in the documents _ year (s)".

Date may not only appear on the covers of cases containing annual plans and reports, because their dates are reflected in the titles of Ministers.

If the case is a magazine, then the date will be the exact dates of the first and last entry in the log.

The date of the case containing the Management documentation, are documents dates (day, month, year), registration (for compiling) very early and very late documents included in the deal.

The date of the case containing the minutes of the meetings are the first and last date of the Protocol components of the deal.

Personal date is the date of the signing of the orders on the admission and dismissal of the person which it opened.

In the designation document date first indicated the number, followed by the month and year. Number and year are indicated by Arabic numerals, the month name spelled words.

An inventory of cases of structural unit

9. In all cases the structural subdivisions of the Office with the completed after their formation and execution of compiled an inventory of cases of structural subdivisions.

When drawing up an inventory of the case of the structural unit must comply with the following requirements:

-each case is entered into the inventory of the structural unit under a separate serial number. If it consists of multiple volumes (parts), then each volume (part) are inventoried under distinct number;

is organization of cases in the inventory of the structural unit and number assignment. Organization of cases in the inventory of the structural unit corresponds to organize them in the nomenclature of cases. Room inventory case structural subdivision consists of digital designations of structural unit on staffing with the addition of a capital initial letter of the name of the category of documents that make up the inventory, and the last two digits of the year in which the dossiers that are included in the inventory. Thus, an inventory of cases of permanent, temporary storage and personnel records of the structural unit # 03 listed on nomenclature and registered in 2011, will have numbers: 03p-11, 03B-11 and 03 l/s-11;

-inventory counts of the structural unit shall be filled in accordance with the information that is placed on the cover of the case;

-When you make a structural subdivision of the inventoried in a row several cases with the same headings written fully the title first, and all other similar cases are identified by the words "the same", while other information is entered into the inventory;

-graph "Note" is used for marks on the disposition and transfer cases, you have a copy.

At the end of the inventory of the structural unit is done the final entry, which States (in figures and words) the number of cases for the inventory, the first and last numbers of cases for the inventory, as well as to stipulate particular cases numbering in the inventory (lettered rooms Affairs and missing numbers).

Inventory of the structural unit is signed by the originator indicating its position.

Inventory of cases permanent retention period are prepared in four copies, signed by the originator and the person responsible for the archive, agreed with Kyrgyzpatent. All instances of mandatory inventory submitted for approval in accordance with paragraph ÈPMK of the eighth paragraph 77 Model instructions (form-A5).

The same procedure shall be provided, prepared and considered the inventory personnel cases (form-A6).

Inventory to cases of temporary storage period (over 10 years) (except inventories personnel) are made in 2 copies. Inventory for consideration by ÈPMK not sent (form-A7).

The transfer of cases to the archive

10. the transfer of cases to the archive is provided only on the inventory and, depending on the type of the transmitted documentation within the required time frames.

Cases, including normative legal acts, administrative documents, financial documents are transferred to the archive after one year within a month.

Referral is on schedule, compiled by Archivist and agreed with the heads of the structural subdivisions.

Cases involving applications for material objects of intellectual property are transferred to the archives pursuant to the requirements set out in the order of reference of the Office work for the grant of a title of the relevant intellectual property rights (section "storage materials applications").

Admission Affairs archive

11. The received file the cases registered Archivist "the journal of receipts and disposals".

When taking cases Archivist shall verify:

-the validity of the cases;

-correctness of formation;

-matching the number of cases included in the inventory of the structural unit, the number of cases filed in accordance with the nomenclature of cases.

If the test case Archivist defects, the case is returned to the employee of structural unit to remove them.

Reception of each case is made in the presence of an official Archivist of the structural unit, who made an inventory. While in both instances against the inventory of each case shall be about availability. At the end of each instance of the inventory figures and words indicate the number actually taken to the archive of cases, the missing numbers of cases, date of admission-transfer of cases, as well as the signature of the archivist and the person making the case.

III. Record-keeping and storage of documents in the archive

12. accounting documents in the archive is one of the means to ensure their safety, operational search and monitor their availability.

Accounting documents in the archives are maintained separately for each Fund in the journal of receipts "and" Journal of accounting disposal of cases ". These logs are intended to account for changes in the composition and volume of funds and archive cases. Each receipt or disposal gets a standalone serial number. If several funds shall consist of documents, data for each Fund (fund name, number, etc.) is written for the same sequence number. Every year in the magazines summarizes the amount of incoming and departures for the year documents.

Other user instrument is the inventory, providing online search cases.

Each change in the volume of cases in the inventory associated with retirement, entering, association or dissolution cases on the basis of relevant documents is reflected in summary records to the inventory.

For example: case No. 15 to no. 18 retired by Act of no. 7 05.04.01. Then compiled a new total record of the inventory. When the disposition of inventory in the "Note" at the level of each line leaving the case is marked "retired".

Accounting document for records is the nomenclature of cases.

The nomenclature should be assigned a number, consisting of "index 01" with the addition of a hyphen the last two digits of the calendar year in which structured nomenclature of cases.

For example: 01-13

13. examination value of documents-valuing documents in order to determine the time-frame for their storage and selection for further storage.

Examination value of documents in Kyrgyzpatent is carried out.

During the examination value of documents selection documents for further storage and shall be drawn up:

-annual inventories;

-acts on the allocation of cases to the destruction.

The selection of permanent storage of documents is carried out on the basis of the nomenclature of cases by polistnogo view of affairs. The selection of documents is not allowed for storing and releasing the destruction only on the basis of the titles of cases. When viewing the permanent storage cases polistnom subject to seizure Doublets documents, drafts, undischarged copies of documents and documents with storage time frame.

Simultaneously with the selection of permanent and temporary documents (over 10 years) storage for the transfer to the archive in the structural units of screening cases and documents temporarily (up to 10 years) with expired retention periods. This includes such mark in the nomenclature as "after replacing new", "after" expires, "subject to the completion of the audit," etc.

14. in order to ensure safety, timely selection and accurate accounting of cases to be transferred to State custody, the primary task of the archive is preparing annual inventories.

Annual inventory of cases compiled by Archivist on cases completed permanent, temporary (over 10 years) storage and personnel based on the inventories of the structural units of each fund separately.

Annual inventory of cases designed to uncover the whole Affairs and represents the archive directory, containing the list of matched cases headers with the nomenclature.

Annual inventory of Affairs includes the following elements:

-serial number of the case inventory;

index case on nomenclature;

-the title of the case fully appropriate title on the cover of the case;

-the date of the case;

-number of sheets in the case.

Before headers cases in the annual inventory of cases Archivist checks:

-head match case contents of documents in the case;

-the correctness of the registration and grouping of documents included in the deal;

-quality Binder case;

-correct the numbering of sheets of the case;

-presence in the internal inventory and the correctness of its registration;

-accuracy of cover;

-compliance with the number of cases brought in the inventory, the number of reported cases for the nomenclature of cases.

In case of detection of violations of established regulations for the formation and registration of cases they must be eliminated.

In the annual inventory of cases included headers cases structural divisions, compared with the nomenclature.

The procedure for drawing up the annual inventory of cases is the same order as inventorying affairs departments.

At the end of the annual inventory of cases is done the resulting recording, in which the figures and words (in parentheses) indicates the actual number of cases included in the section, the first and last numbers of cases reflected the particular numbering (missed and lettered rooms).

Annual inventory of cases in triplicate shall be subject to review and approval by the EC head of Kyrgyzpatent.

The case made in the annual inventory of cases, are encrypted and stored in the files before transferring them to the state storage in accordance with the stamped code (by examining the foundations, inventories).

15. after the adoption of the annual inventories permanent storage of Kyrgyzpatent performs selection and highlighting the destruction of cases whose shelf life had expired.

The selection of cases for destruction is issued an act on the allocation to the destruction not to be stored in accordance with annex Rules according to Form-A8. Acts considered EK, signed by the Chairman and its members and approved by the head of Kyrgyzpatent.

The cases included in the Act, if at their shelf life had expired by 1 January of the year in which the Act is drawn up. For example, the case with the three-year shelf life, finished in the 1996 case, may be included in the Act, which will be made no earlier than January 1, 2000, with a five-year shelf life-no earlier than January 1, 2002

Case, dedicated to destruction, are recorded in the journal of accounting disposal of cases ".

16. Check the availability and status of a permanent routine work archive.

The main tasks of checking and status are:

-de facto existence of cases for the inventory;

-identifying cases requiring preventive treatment and restoration.

Check the availability and status of permanent storage shall be held not less than once in 5 years and should be compulsory before sending them to public storage.

Check the availability and status of temporary documents (over 10 years) storage shall be held not less than once in 10 years.

In the operational part of archive annually check the availability and status of issued for use cases.

Check the availability and status is carried out by the Commission, or archivist appointed by order of the head of Kyrgyzpatent. Verification is done by checking specified annual inventories describing cases on the covers (cipher structural unit, index of cases cases  date headers, number of sheets).

Physical status is determined by visually browsing. All these defects are fixed at, the inspection certificate in accordance with annex KP 22.4.7. Rules (Form-A9).

During an inspection in the inventories of the cases it is prohibited to make any mark or writing.

The case, issued in subdivisions of Kyrgyzpatent shall be checked on a common basis, "Journal of extradition cases from archive".

When checking availability and status, you must:

-maintain arrangement of affairs on racks, boxes, folders;

-rearrange incorrectly placed the case on the appropriate places;

-withdraw and isolate from the Fund cases placed incorrectly scanned other funds;

-withdraw not inventoried the case Foundation. Entering into the inventory of the unrecorded cases during the audit is prohibited. Unrecorded deeds are placed following the reported cases. When checking availability and condition of materials applications is carried out by cross-checking the availability of documents and worksheets with data contained in the internal inventory. The results of the checks are recorded in the inspection sheet, where the line "Note" represents rooms inventories and cases where there are no lists, and these lists.

At the end of the checking and the status for each inventory done recording "verified" date shall be checked; the record shall be signed by the staff carrying out the checks, indicating their positions.

In case of a detection in the inventory not marked in the final recording, repeated free lettered and missed the final made record numbers and check marks made in the worksheet.

Based on the summary records in sheets report validation checks the availability and status of the Fund. Every act is signed by the staff and approved by the head of the verification team of Kyrgyzpatent. Acts are numbered in numerical order checks and after their approval is included in case the respective fund. In accordance with the acts carried out remedial work.

17. Archive database serves to secure and rapid retrieval of documents and contains information about the documents in the archive.

Dates are tracked in the database storage and movement of documents within the archive.

18. cases are issued from the archive when you have an Office Memorandum, signed by the head of Kyrgyzpatent, to:

-use by structural divisions;

-work on copying and special processing of documents with a view to ensuring their preservation.

When extradition case is recorded in the journal of extradition cases from archive ".

Before issuing the documents are checked for status of each case and the numbering of the sheets.

Return cases recorded in the journal of extradition cases from archive ".

Status returned to the archive after use is checked in the presence of the person that returns it.

19. For the transfer of cases to public storage, you have to prepare a complete inventory, which include annual inventory of cases for five years. Sections of the inventories are years, and subsections-the names of subdivisions.

Each complete inventory is assigned to a regular ordinal.

In accordance with annex 26 Model instructions mandatory element of a complete inventory is a cover sheet (form-A10).

On the title page of a complete inventory of permanent storage shall contain the following:


-full name of Kyrgyzpatent;

-the name of the Fund;

-number of inventory;

-name of the inventory, which includes specifying categories of documents (permanent, temporary storage, personnel records) contained in cases where headers are included in the inventory;

-dates of cases included in the inventory.

20. cases transmitted in OCTOBER at the expiration of the time limits of their storage on the damages established by art. 17 of the Act. Reception of documents for public storage is executed an act of transfer and receipt (form-A11), drawn up in two copies.

Before the transfer of cases to OCTOBER its representative is in the archive verification of physical and health status. When detecting defects shall be drawn. Elimination of detected defects is carried out by the archive.

Together with the business in OCTOBER passed three instances of inventory flows into OCTOBER after approval of the inventory ÈPMK. The transfer of cases to the inventory is conducted by poedinično, a particularly valuable cases are referred to the verification of the number of sheets in them. On all instances of an inventory should be made of admission Affairs in OCTOBER. The fourth instance of inventories, along with a copy of the Act of acceptance remains in Kyrgyzpatent.





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